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The European Erasmus+ programme, entitled ‘Towards a new model of Teachers' Professional Competence Development on Climate Change’ (ClimaTePD), aims to help in‐service secondary teachers to develop digital literacy and climate change teaching skills, as well as inspiring their students to raise awareness about climate crisis.

The ClimaTePD training, lasting 40 hours in total, is divided into six learning units that are implemented over a period of nine weeks.

Expected Outcomes

Teachers will:

improve their digital skills
be familiar with concepts and tools of inquiry-based learning (IBL) and gamification in their classroom
develop and implement digital educational scenarios for climate change education in their classroom
learn about using digital tools in educational activities of climate change education
exchange good practices via the online platform of the ClimaTePD programme

Learning format

The training takes place online, at the time and place you choose. The programme includes both asynchronous and synchronous activities that enhance collaboration and networking between teachers (participation in discussions, development of educational scenarios, evaluation of the programme, etc.).

Participants that gather 75 points (out of 105+ points in total) from the training activities will receive a certificate of successful participation. Additional points can be collected by populating the repository with online material resources, or digital tool resources, to support climate change education teaching.

A1: Introduction to Climate Change